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Large Multimodal Model Technology

Drowsy Driving Recognition
Biometrics Machine. “WAKERR”

Drowsy driving is the most dangerous situation worldwide. Globally, 70% of highway fatalities result from drowsy driving . The two problems with the current drowsy driving recognition technology are that the recognition rate of drowsy driving is less than 70% ; The problem is that the recognition rate of drowsy driving at night is less than 50% .

BLUE WAKERR has developed the world's best eye recognition technology with a recognition rate of over 95% of drowsy driving even in the dark inside of a car at night . Currently, most solutions are Google's MediaPipe. All related companies tried to recognize drowsy driving using this Google solution, but it is impossible to commercialize it with general existing technology. BLUE has developed and provides services to BLUE WAKERR , which professionally recognizes drowsy driving.