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Emergency Mobility with Biometrics Technology

We use Biometrics technology to help drivers respond to emergencies. Drivers carry many health risks while driving, such as drowsy driving, heart attack, and stroke. We provide emergency response services to recognize the driver's biometric data in a non-contact manner and respond quickly to emergency situations.

Pupil Recognition

Bluecode detects danger by recognizing the condition of the driver's eyes.

Heartbeat Recognition

Bluecode checks the driver's heartbeat status with Laser Doppler.

Motion recognition

Bluecode detects danger by recognizing the driver's motion.

Vehicle Front Recognition

Bluecode recognizes the situation in front of the vehicle and the interaction between the driver.


Driver’s Drowsiness Recognition and Resolution

The Waker developed by us helps to accurately recognize and solve the driver's drowsy driving state.
Did you know that over 70% of highway fatalities are caused by drowsy driving? Drowsy driving is the most dangerous task for drivers to solve. Blue uses biometrics technology to quickly and accurately recognize and address driver drowsiness.

Eye Condition Recognition with AI

Blue accurately recognizes drowsy driving through AI reinforcement learning. The current recognition rate is over 98%.

Night Driving Awareness

It is difficult to recognize the driver's condition at night. Blue's Waker has perfected the technology to accurately detect the danger of drowsy driving even in the dark at night.

Easy Installation

Blue's Waker can be easily installed in front of the driver. You can save the precious life of the driver at a low cost.

A Must for All Drivers, not just Buses and Trucks

For drivers who drive for a long time, such as buses or trucks, devices that prevent drowsiness are essential.


Autonomous Valet Parking

If the driver is unable to drive, we provide vehicle stopping and autonomous shoulder parking.

Emergency Stop

The blue code slowly stops the car and flashes the hazard lights.

Autonomous shoulder parking

Blue Code safely stops the vehicle on the shoulder through autonomous driving when the driver is unable to drive.

Quick reset in case of recognition error

If the driver's inability to drive is recognized as an error, it automatically resets quickly so that the driver is not at risk.

Autonomous Valet Parking Technologies

Even in underground parking lots without GPS, Blue provides autonomous valet.