Next-gen Emergency Mobility

Emergency Mobility Recognizes an urgent and dangerous situation when driving a car, It is a technology that keeps the driver safe from the risk of accidents in these dangerous situations. Blue Intelligence is the first research institute to propose and pioneer the field of Emergency Mobility.

A typical emergency situation is drowsy driving, the sudden inability to drive of elderly or disabled drivers. Emergency Stop is to prevent further accidents by sounding a warning sound in case of an emergency or causing the vehicle to come to a slow stop.

Drowsy Driving Recognition Biometrics Machine. “WAKERR”

Drowsy driving is the most dangerous situation worldwide. Globally, 70% of highway fatalities result from drowsy driving . The two problems with the current drowsy driving recognition technology are that the recognition rate of drowsy driving is less than 70% ; The problem is that the recognition rate of drowsy driving at night is less than 50% .

BLUE WAKERR has developed the world's best eye recognition technology with a recognition rate of over 95% of drowsy driving even in the dark inside of a car at night . Currently, most solutions are Google's MediaPipe. All related companies tried to recognize drowsy driving using this Google solution, but it is impossible to commercialize it with general existing technology. BLUE has developed and provides services to BLUE WAKERR , which professionally recognizes drowsy driving .

Emergency Stop Biometrics Machine. “BLUECODE”

50% of sudden deaths while driving is due to cardiovascular problems, and stroke. Sudden health abnormalities in older people or disabled people can cause dangerous driving situations or secondary accidents. Recognizing this inability to drive, Emergency Stop, which slowly stops the vehicle, is an important function for the safety of the driver or other vehicles around the vehicle.

Risk recognition technology based on biometrics technology

BLUE 's BLUECODE uses 3 types of biodata to recognize dangerous situations.

A technology that recognizes a dangerous situation through eye recognition and motion recognition using sensors. Even with this single eye recognition data, the recognition of dangerous situations can guarantee more than 98% accuracy.
As an advanced function, there is a sensor-based heart rate and breathing pattern AI analysis/monitoring software and system module technology.
As an advanced function , there is a technology for developing heart rate and breathing pattern data collection and biometric information-based risk status information standards (danger status information trend algorithm) using monitoring SW .

Vehicle stopping control technology in dangerous situations

If it is judged to be a dangerous situation, BLUECODE flickers the car's hazard lights , Slowly stop the car , The vehicle's location and dangerous situation are communicated via e-call to the control room and 911 .

AEBS interlocking emergency stop control hardware and software technology
AEBS interlocking emergency stop control tuning method analysis
Linkage technology between the driver's biometric information monitoring device and the vehicle emergency stop control device
e-Call terminal hardware and software design and traffic accident emergency notification system interlocking technology