Our Beginning

It takes 20 minutes a day to find somewhere to park which means the typical driver spends 106 days of their entire life searching for a parking space. During this time, people feel much stressed and lose precious time in association with friends, family and even at work. About 30% of the cars circling a city at any given time look for parking and those cars are creating traffic congestion aside from the frustration factor.

The spent time and stress resulted from parking underground in a narrow space may deteriorate the quality of the modern city life. Autonomous valet parking system provides service with the same effect as hiring a driver. Blue Intelligence built its own autonomous driving car at level 3 which has been certified by the Korean Ministry of traffic and transportation to operate tests on the road.

With a cutting edge team of more than 10 year experienced engineers, Blue Intelligence has developed a range of software and hardware products that are deployed on a proprietary family of divisions. Blue Intelligence’s autonomous valet parking is a technology that guides autonomous vehicles from the parking lot entrance to the parking spaces. Global OEMs are taking lead in development of the autonomous driving technology and the complete autonomous driving system would be commercialized in 2030 but indoor valet parking could be done considerably to new cars within three years and is much safer, because vehicle is to drive under 10 km per hour in the limited space.

The smart parking management system business is running in cooperation with SK Telecom’s T-Map service adopting AI wireless LPR and mobile LPR technolog .

Founded in 2018 with a mission to reduce parking stress and save time, Blue Intelligence has developed the most advanced Software and Hardware for automated driving technologies and parking management system. At the time when technology was focused on shortening the time period of autonomous driving era, Blue Intelligence set out to develop technologies to automate of vehicle’s valet parking.